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Protecting your legacy

Yes. When you pre-arrange and pre-pay with ANORA, the funds are securely in the care of Assurant Life of Canada. Pre-arranging is a gift to the people you love.
You are paying today’s prices for products and professional fees, therefore the prices will not increase. Your wishes will be followed and you will save your executor and loved ones a lot of stress during an already difficult time.
We would assist you in choosing a funeral provider in the new community. You would then assign the funds from Assurant to the “new” funeral provider.
No. Any funeral provider can bury in any cemetery. You may consider a locally owned funeral provider, such as ANORA, for personalized, caring service at a reasonable price.
By law and for practical reasons, a deceased person must be in a cremation container. A casket may be necessary if there is a visitation or event with body present prior to the cremation.
Embalming is not a legal requirement, but is necessary for air travel and may be optimal for a delayed viewing or delayed service.
Yes. ANORA can assist you in sheltering your loved one in the privacy of your home, should that be your desire.
Yes. Sometimes when a decision isn’t made at the time, making a decision on your own doesn’t become easier. We can guide you with options to figure out the final resting place that is ideal for your family.
Yes. You may, as long as family members are prepared with the reality of death and the changes that have occurred with their loved one. This is a personal choice that is ideal for some and not for others.
Yes. We can do both. This personalized Life Honouring Event can be the evening before or immediately following the funeral or burial. We are flexible and creative.
Yes. We refer to this as a Witness Cremation. For some, this is an important step in their grief process. This may be added to a standard cremation or Life Honouring Event.

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Pre-arranging, also called pre-planning, is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones. By taking care of your cremation or burial and funeral needs well in advance of your departure, you are saving your loved ones from additional burden and hassles during a difficult time. When your loved ones are grieving and their emotions are already running high, they don’t need to be stressing further about whether Mom would have wanted a cremation or burial, or arguing over what type of ceremony Uncle Charles would have desired.

Instead, they can truly be there for each other and spend time remembering and memorializing you in a way that honours your wishes. Furthermore, by pre-arranging, you are also locking in your services at today’s prices, thereby also saving your loved ones unnecessary financial burden. Now that you can see why we call this the greatest gift you can give your loved ones, isn’t it time you begin pre- arranging?